Listed below are the key dates applicable to all exhibitors at Toowoomba 2024

  8 July 2024 Closing date for registration of entries.  
  8 July 2024 Latest date to provide a draft of the title page for each entry.  
  30 September 2024 Earliest date for acceptance of entries sent by post.  
  6 October 2024 Latest date for submission of scans of entries.  
  8 October 2024 Latest date for receipt of entries sent by post.  
  11 October 2024 (at 8am) Latest time by which hand-delivered entries can be received.  
  12 October 2024 Exhibition opens.  
  12 October 2024 Palmares dinner.  
  12 October 2024 Virtual exhibition goes online.  
  13 October 2024 Exhibition closes.  
  30 April 2025 This website, and the Virtual Exhibition, are taken offline.